Top 5 Reasons Why Wilmington’s Is The BEST City To Live and Visit In The East Coast 


Voted #35 as one of the best places for businesses in the country by Forbes Magazine, Wilmington is a thriving ‘small town, big city’ metropolitan area that’s constantly growing and expanding in all directions.

It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the country because it’s not only business-friendly, it’s family-friendly. You could literally pack your bags, relocate, and start a new life from scratch. The top 5 reasons to visit and live in Wilmington is listed below:

Reason #1: Voted Best River City Three Years STRAIGHT By USA Today

Chock full of beautiful parks including skate, water, and multi-purpose parks around the city, Wilmington also has some of the best golf courses in the Country, so good, in fact, one course was host of the 2017 PGA Tour Championship.

In addition to the parks you have figure 8 island, a private island home to many celebrities worldwide.

Reason #2: Wilmington Unique Geography Is Breathtaking

Within a few miles spaced apart you can go from the mountains, to the beach, to swamp, to forest, and back again to the metropolitan city all within a short distance in less than 24hrs. This topographic diversity accommodates people with various living preferences.

Reason #3: Wilmington Is The ‘Southern Melting Pot’ Of The Country

Living up north ones entire life can be a bit of a ‘drag’. As a result, many North Easterner’s migrated south initially as a vacation area soon to be called ‘home’. They brought along with them a variety of food to share with the locals so if you have a hankering for good ‘ol fashion chili cheese fries or a Philly cheesesteak, you’ll find your favorites here.

Reason #4: Medical Attention Services Is Rated Amongst The Best

New Hanover County Regional Medical Center was voted as one of the nation’s top 100 hospitals for overall patient experience according to the Women’s Choice Awards.

Reason #5: Traffic Is Reasonable and Safe

Unlike the unruly traffic in New York and the numerous cases of road rage in Florida deep south, traffic here in Wilmington is very tame in comparison. Streets are busiest during peak rush hour (8-10 A.M and 4-7 P.M) due to the majority going to and leaving work and is home to major highways such as I-40, US-17 and more.


Wilmington’s a bustling big city with small town roots filled with great people, interesting culture, and vibrant economy. Don’t make the mistake of visiting and planning to leave. You’ll NEVER want to leave once you’ve experienced this slice of life.

Special Mentions: There’s much to explore but when you do visit definitely check out Wrightsville Beach/Porters Neck area and all of the beach communities nearby. Going downtown is simply ‘mandatory’, but don’t forget to visit Midtown while your at it.

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