8 Crazy Cool Reasons Why We Love Wilmington (And You Will, Too)! 


Ahhh Wilmington, or if you’re a born and bred local with a heavy southern accent, “Wimbledon” (not to be confused with the annual tennis tournament), is a city to behold.

Below are 8 reasons why we love this great city in addition to hundreds more we’d run out of space to cover on the internet:

REASON #1: The Fried Green Tomato BLT at The Dixie Grill Is To DIE For!

Located on Market Street downtown, the Dixie Grill is a Wilmington relic serving the community since 1906. If you’re looking for a classic breakfast, this is the place you need to be.

REASON #2: Wilmingtons Is A ‘Man’s Best Friend’

Wilmington is known for their dog-friendly spaces, restaurants, events, and outdoor areas including public beaches whereas in most areas of the country they’re typically ‘not allowed’. Not in Wilmington! It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

REASON #3: Food Selections Are As Diverse As The Fish In The Sea

Craving a little Thai, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Indian, or Spanish dishes? Wilmington’s got you covered. Traditionally, to taste various cultural cuisines you’d have to travel far and wide for the ‘real deal’. Here all walks of life come to set up shop and share their country’s unique delicacies to add a little spice in your life.

REASON #4: It’s A Fisherman’s DREAM…

Sure, you could visit some of the local dining areas to get your fix on fresh, caught fish cooked and prepared for you on the spot, but there’s nothing quite like grabbing your fishing rod and sailing off the coast to catch your own black sea bass, grouper, snapper, king, and if you’re lucky, wahoo and mahi to add on your personal menu tonight.

Don’t want to travel far and wide? No biggie. Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, and Speckled Trout are in abundance this time of year along the coastline.

REASON #5: Wilmingtonians Are Warmer Than A Batch of Grandma’s Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Residents here are some of the friendliest group you’ll ever meet. Maybe it’s the all-year-round comfortable weather. Maybe it’s the festive events. Or maybe somebody put a dose of ‘happy’ in their water supply. Whatever the reason you’ll be hard-pressed to find an upside down smile. Expect to be greeted with open arms and beer cans.

REASON #6: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…Boat-mas?!

Christmas in Wilmington is a tad…different. Traditionally, homes are decked from head to toe in lights and various ornaments. But, it’s debated that Wilmington has more sea vessels than they do homes. End result? Flotilla. The same holiday cheer…

…on boats.

REASON #7: A City With A Heart of Gold

Who says the Cowardly Lion with a heart of gold from the Wizard of Oz doesn’t have courage?

Wilmington residents are known to put their money (and time) where their mouth is supporting various charity auctions, homeless shelters, churches, and other volunteer activities.

REASON #8: So THIS IS Why They’re Called “East Hollywood”!

Wilmington’s home to major production studio EUE/Screen Gems, the largest TV and movie production company outside of California. They’ve produced big-time blockbusters such as Iron Man 3, Sleepy Hollow, Dawson’s Creek and NBC’s Revolution. It’s also a city full of movie buffs hosting film festivals like Cucalorus which screens 200 independent and wide-release films annually.

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5 Reasons Why Wilmington, NC Is Best City In America