Tree Trimming, Cutting and Pruning Services 


Here at Wilmington’s we offer the professional cutting service you’re looking for and your tree(s) need for optimal lifespan and personal enjoyment.

3 Reasons Why You MUST Prune Your Tree(s) 

Trees are trimmed for one of three main reasons: Aesthetics, safety or tree health.

It Just LOOKS Good!

Pruning your tree the right way helps keep it’s unique shape, size and appearance leading to it’s initial charm. Over-cutting, however, will seriously damage it beyond repair. Our skilled technicians draw on years of experience to determine which branches to cut, and which to let be to ensure your tree reaches it’s fullest potential.

Safety! Safety! Safety!

One moment, everything’s going just fine. Your dogs are running around the tree playfully trying to catch a child hanging on one of the branches, than suddenly, it *snaps* causing the child to fall unprepared.

He’s not seriously injured, but he did break is thumb and required a cast for several months (along with a mountain of surgery bills), all within a split second. The entire time you’re thanking your lucky stars nothing more serious happened.

Why take a chance on your family’s safety when it all it takes is a Wilmington’s arborist to prevent such an accident from happening in your own backyard?

We Are Tree Doctors

With the right skill and precision eye an arborist can save your infected tree from having to be cut down and removed by strategically pruning and cutting away at infected branches and limbs.

For example, thinning the crown at the top of the tree gives it breathing room to circulate more oxygen throughout ‘revitilizing’ itself.

How much does it cost to cut, trim and prune your tree(s)?

There are a number of determining factors. For instance, will you be requiring a cherry picker? How much trimming is required? How thick are the branches? Etc.

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