Tree Removal Cutting Services and Equipment


As a last resort tree removal becomes necessary to help prevent further property damage and eliminate the threat of tumbling and heavy fallen branches causing serious, if not fatal, bodily harm.

Frankly, we’d rather NOT have to remove a tree from the premises, but under certain criteria that may be what’s required.

Our certified tree arborist are highly skilled in determining the best course of action. As mentioned we will fight for the survival of a tree if possible, but ultimately you, our client, will make the final call.

If, based on our analysis, we believe a tree MUST be removed to ensure the safety of human beings, that will be the only option we consider. Having foreknowledge on the dangers of a tree if it remains on the premises while doing little else than to prun and trim is not only a serious legal concern but a moral responsibility, too.

It’s for this very reason we recommend AGAINST even attempting to cut down any part of the tree yourself. According to the American real time death statistics, 100+ people are killed each year from falling trees, some as a result of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and many with unskilled homeowners attempting to do it themselves at cost.

Unfortunatly that ‘cost’, for most, is their lives, and although we acknowledge that there are labor costs and equipment rentals, our service prices are a bargain if you match cost to life. Don’t take that chance. Potential savings are not worth the increased risk of bodily harm and injury to you or others, not to mention the damage it’ll cause on your property if done wrong.

How Much Is It To Cut Down And Remove A Living or Dead Tree?

Your neighbors tell us that our California (CA) fallen tree removal costs are the most affordable in the industry, and if qualified, your home insurance provider may cover a portion or all of the expense.

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