Storm Damage Restoration, Repair and Tree Clean-up Emergency Services


Mother Nature is a pain in the “you-know-what”. It creeps up on you like a black cat in the middle of the night.

Maybe you came home one day and saw a limb through the side of your roof after a wild thunderstorm the night prior, or perhaps a flood carried an oak tree uninvited at your front door.

Whatever your emergency, Wilmington is here to help.

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4 Reasons Why You MUST Call Wilmington For Your Storm Damage Tree Clean-up (and why doing it alone is downright DANGEROUS!)

Tree Removals ARE Unpredictable

In most cases, tree’s are ‘heavy’, and if light, are like shark teeth at the edges, and are like daggers at the tip causing potential harm to it’s handler.

After the damage is done when the tree is lying there it appears harmless, until you accidentally cause a 2 ton tree to roll over on you or a makeshift chainsaw to kick back and cause serious bodily harm to yourself or others around you.

Where experience and we don’t take your safety lightly.

Potential Injuries Skyrocket

Frankly, not only does this require great skill, it requires great muscle. Back injuries are common with “do-it-yourself’ers”. Save your back. Save your strength. Call Wilmington.

The “Do-It-Yourself” Approach Is MORE Costly and MORE Time Consuming

A Saturday morning project can easily stretch into weeks, possibly months of back breaking labor when one phone call to our office would take not more than a day or so to get the job done.

And assuming you remove it safely, you have to factor in additional costs such as disposal, new blades or a new capable chainsaw you may spend several hundred dollars on to use only once in your lifetime.

Property Damage During Removal

Emergency services involve more than removals. Our trained arborist know how much to trim before removal to reduce further property storm damage.

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