About Us

We love trees. Plain and simple. In fact, most of us were climbing and monkey swinging off of tree limbs since we learned to walk. Some of us even built tree houses with our Fathers and imagined one day doing it for the rest of our lives. As kids we didn’t know we could make a living out of it. Getting jacked off candy sugar to muster up the strength to climb taller tree’s was the only thing going through our young minds.

Fast forward several years later, hard work, college education and our dream became a reality.

What was once a childhood past time is now how our guys make their living. Climbing trees. Has a nice ring to it, don’t it?

The journey to get here was by no means easy. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into every project we do. But that’s what makes our job so exciting! No two days are exactly alike and the customer base we have are a range of all types of personalities.

With little for an advertising budget our company began to expand by word-of-mouth. Friends and family of clients began calling us, and than their friends, and than their friends, and so on. Our referral work is a testament to how strong and smart our professionals are. We don’t take it for granted. We value your business and trust in us. Thank you for keeping us in business for so long. We look forward to many more years serving our local community.

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